Thursday, April 9, 2020

Reproductive - Taylor Chrisman

I found it interesting that women select mates to increase chance of survival of their offspring and men select mates to increase chance of producing many offspring. Women desire partners who will be able to provide for their family, whether that is through monetary benefits, ambition, or industriousness. Even though economic opportunity between men and women is slowly becoming more equivalent, there is still a discrepancy. Women are attracted to financial stability because of this discrepancy. They are not as likely to have as high of a salary as a man is. Although this makes sense, I never thought of it in this way before. I believe that women look for these qualities subconsciously without necessarily realizing it. 

I also was fascinated that good looks are indicative of fertility. This is part of the reason why men are attracted to mates who have good looks. Men want a healthy family just as bad as women do. Interestingly, men consciously look for women with good looks. Men are not shy to express that they are interested in finding a woman with good looks. However, women are more hesitant to admit that they are looking for a partner with financial resources. This is a consequence of our society and certain stigmas around men and women.

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