Sunday, April 19, 2020

Logan Avena // Lecture Discussion 2: Performance

 Lecture Discussion 2: Performance
            For this lecture, I watched the “Human Mammal, Human Hunter” video. This video was really interesting because it is such a different way of life than what we are used to. “Persistence hunting” definitely takes a lot of patience and understanding of the animal’s movements. The deep level of concentration they are able to get into is amazing. The amount of physical strength these men must have is incredible, since they are able to outperform these animals. I doubt there are many people in Western society who would be able to have this level of performance. I would think that this requires low arousal since the men have to chase animals for over 8 hours to tire them out.
            Next, I watched the “Sharman – Tonic Immobility” video in order to understand the cusp catastrophe model. I never knew that sharks had the ability to do tonic immobility. Simply flipping them over has the most intense effect on them. It is interesting that they were able to develop this evolutionary tool for survival. The cognitive and physiological arousal mentioned in the PowerPoint is seen in the video when the man is describing how their senses get overloaded and their brains produce serotonin. Overall, these two videos were cool to watch in order to gain a better understanding about performance.

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