Monday, April 13, 2020

Reproduction Power Point: Anna Sucar

It is interesting to read that men select mates to increase chance of producing many offspring and that women select mates to increase chance of survival of their few offspring because in todays' culture it seems like men and women select mates on more than just who can produce many offspring and who can protect the offspring. In the most naturalistic way of thinking then yes, men are to be more attracted to women with wider hips because that means they can bare children the best and women are more attracted to stronger men because they could protect their offspring. However, unlike if we were in a wild setting, in todays' society us men and women base our mate selection on more than who can give us the best offspring: it is based on a multitude of things such as interests/hobbies, beliefs, values, etc. We do not live in a world anymore where we have to rely on choosing a mate solely on who can be the strongest and who can produce the most offspring. We look at mate value in all different ways; who is loving, maybe a specific eye or hair color, kind, brave, smart, etc.
I do not agree that women need a mate who have more financial resources, women can provide for themselves and some are single moms who can make it just fine without a mate and visa versa.

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