Monday, April 27, 2020

Reproduction Lecture - Timothy Berberich

The reproduction lecture gives an informational review of choosing a mate and what goes into our motivations behind our decisions. Evaluating a mate can have certain categories as to what makes them desirable with traits such as ambitiousness, attractiveness, emotion, faith, loyalty, responsible, financially secure, and so on. Beyond these qualities a person looks for in a mate there are also primal motivations for a choice. These include the chance of survival for new offspring for the women and an increased chance of producing many offspring for the men. Women often like financial stability in a mate to provide a sense of comfort that their mate would be able to care for the offspring. An important theory to take from the lecture as well is the bio social theory that social experiences and evolved sex differences in strength and reproductive capacity has lead to the hypothesis of structural powerless. This explains why women prefer the financially stable mates that are ambitious and industrious.

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