Monday, April 27, 2020

Incentives Lecture - Timothy Berberich

After reviewing the incentives lecture, it seemed another informational and interesting lecture. Incentives are the anticipated external stimuli that motivates behavior to occur and there are a few types of ways to give someone incentive.The concept of reinforces and punishment are two main differences in giving people incentives. The value of the incentive is also very important with examples like Fechner’s law of relationship between objective and subjective incentive value with equal increases in objective value. This smaller it is the smaller the value of doing the incentive is. Another important aspect from the lecture is procrastination. The study titled, “Changes in Utility of Socializing versus Essay Writing” is a great example of how utility of writing an essay increases as its due date approaches and delays interval decreases. With this, extrinsic and intrinsic motivational behavior occurs for reasons based on different sources of curiosity. This ties in the reward and motivation for the performance that is incentive by a person whether it is for work, students, or even professional athletes.

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