Sunday, April 26, 2020

drug lecture (sara miller)

I found the lecture slides about drugs very interesting. Psychoactive drugs can range from caffeine all the way to cocaine. The explanations of each one were interesting but I thought the coffee one stood out. It is hard to think that your everyday coffee can be so addictive. I personally am an avid coffee drinker however I don’t think it makes me feel as energetic and alert as it is advertised so much for that. 
The video that is shown in the lecture slide was quite funny. The exaggeration that is shown is how some people are with their coffee, not to its full extent though. One of my very close friends worked at Starbucks and was already a coffee addict, however she must drink at least 7 cups of coffee in one day. 
Another topic that was Personality Disposition and the scale that measure impulsiveness. The impulsiveness scale has 30 items and depending on your score it shows how impulsive an individual is. 
Lastly, what I found interesting were the addiction and gambling slides. There are negative and positive addictions, for example, exercise is a positive one and gambling is negative. I think someone doesn’t become addicted to something right away, I think a lot goes into it whether it be genetics or the environment, or even previous psychological health. 

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