Saturday, April 25, 2020

Reproduction Lecture

The first thing I found interesting in this lecture was the idea of selecting a mate and how you can score yourself based on the Mate Value Inventory. Continuing on to find out how we choose our mates and what we do to find them was all new information to me. I guess I would consider this an assumption or common sense but these are all proven facts which I thought were pretty interesting. Another theory I thought was very interesting was the good gene hypothesis. This suggests that if you have good beauty, you have good genes for intelligence, good immune system, healthy babies and good parenting. There are some standards of beauty which are universally the same with averageness, symmetry and sexual dimorphism which is feminine and masculine traits. I have always wondered why people are attracted to certain individuals and what caused that attraction. Personally, I rely on a lot of personality traits alongside the physical traits. This comparison between the two is what interests me the most about attractiveness and reproduction as a whole.

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