Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Incentives Powerpoint (Michelle Mardis)

The topic of incentives is important in the field of psychology because it shows the different ways to enforce behavior. This PowerPoint shows there are both ways to influence a person to do something and even to not do something. When a person is motivated to do something, a reinforcer usually took place to create an incentive. When a person does not want to do something, they were likely punished once for doing the act. A topic in this PowerPoint that relates to our lives today would be procrastination. Given the new format of learning due to the Coronavirus, some students may procrastinate to get their work done more than others. Since our class is now self-paced, it seems that the class is ending with a test in our procrastination levels. As I am posting on April 14th, I notice that some students have posted, while others have not yet done so. This shows a spectrum of students who prefer to wait until the last minute and students who get a head start. I feel that I am in the middle because of the incentive to have more free time as graduation approaches. I have decided to get a majority of my work done sooner rather than later because then I will be able to focus on classes that have an exact timeline as well as get some free time to relax. If I were to procrastinate like I used to in the past, I may not have gotten my assignments done in time. When this happened to me once, it acted as a punisher and I tried harder to get future assignments in on time.

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