Monday, April 20, 2020

Reproduction Lecture- Jennelle Long

I felt that the lecture on reproduction was very self explanatory.  Without any prior learning, we know that we look for certain characteristics in individuals such as; their ambition, attractiveness, loyalty, etc. I can say that I am not shocked learning about mate poaching- defined as trying to attract someone who is already in a relationship. The statistic given on the slide, 60% of men and 40% of women reported attempts of poaching is something that I am also not very shocked by. Men are more likely to commit poaching which could be related that they report having greater distress from sexual infidelity than women do. Women are more likely to report greater distress from emotional infidelity. This can also be stemming from jealousy, something that many relationships have problems with. Another point that stood out to me was how men prefer to find women who are more attractive so in the long run they can produce many children. On the other hand women are looking for those who have better financial standings which are needed to raise a successful family in the future.

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