Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Drugs Lecture

I was interested in the drugs lecture for many reasons. Addiction is something that I have witnessed first hand in my family. I always enjoy learning about it because it helps better understand what people with addictions are going through and learn ways to help them. It is also interesting to me how some people struggle with it and others do not. I do not have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, but I know some people who are. Caffeine is something I know many people are addicted to. Although I drink coffee every morning, I know if  I go one day without it I will be okay. Many of my friends are addicted to nicotine. Many of them got addicted due to vaping, but their mood is very different when they do not have it. Seeing them crave nicotine is interesting, it is all their mind seems to focus on.
   Withdrawal is something I know about, but would like to learn more about. It is crazy how withdraw can effect someone so greatly. I would like to learn more about exactly what it does to a person and how they feel like going through it. It is also interesting how people can go through withdrawal from other things besides drugs and alcohol. People can go through withdrawal from caffeine and exercise. I do believe that addiction is a disease. I have witnessed it first hand and saw what it can do to people. It is sad to see people suffer with this because it is not a disease that has a cure. These people have to have willpower and be strong enough to fight off the cravings and live a clean sober life. 

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