Sunday, April 26, 2020

performance lecture (sara miller)

The performance slide was quite short yet still informative. What I found most interesting was the Cusp Catastrophe Model, this model states that certain cognitive and physiological arousal can change the way someone is and the way they perform their tasks. The shark video about tonic immobility gave a lot of good points. The two men test “shark repellent”, first when you turn a shark upside down and the shark cannot move at all. The men then sprayed the repellent and the shark instantly moved. This made me think of a flight or flight response depending on the kind of situation one is in. 
Hull-Spence Drive Theory talks about how arousal increases strength no matter what it be. This could be like taking a test, if you knew the material and studied the response is stronger and you would feel more positive. Then, if the test was difficult and you didn’t feel that you did well, one may feel weaker because of how complex it was.

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