Wednesday, April 22, 2020


I always wondered what makes different people attracted to different features in a mate. Things like ambitiousness or physical attraction, humor, and loyalty all seem to fit today's modern agenda. Sex sells and it is really everywhere from billboards to music to advertisements on TV. These things have certainly skewed the perspective on attracting a good partner. When it comes to choosing a partner though, women tend to seek out men who provide more financially, have higher motives and ambitions, where men seek out physical attraction a sign of fertility. There is no set standard for what a person needs to be (besides a murderer maybe), but it depends on each person's own value inventory. Higher attractiveness in a mate corresponds with the good gene hypothesis, where more beauty signals good genes. We hear it all the time, that "that person just has really good genes" when it comes to physical or mental positive value we desire. Surely everyone wishes to be beautiful and smart, but everyone is unique int their own ways and that is what makes you stand above the rest.

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