Monday, April 13, 2020

Reproduction Powerpoint Response

I found this powerpoint really interesting to read through because many of us go through life finding mates and reproducing but, we do not know the reason behind why we are attracted to the people we are attracted to and why we reproduce. In this powerpoint it talks all about how we mate we certain people based on our mate value score and how our score is how we match with others. It also explains how people who are more attracted are able to find mates a whole lot better them people who did not get the attractive gene, this is called beauty gene hypothesis. This may not be fully true considering that people who are less attractive do find love but, there are more people out there that are attractive who can find someone faster then someone who is less attractive. It then goes on to describe what causes relationships to stay together long term. It is important to have a good and healthy sexual attraction and sex life while being in a long term relationship because it keeps the relationship alive, but it is also good to show jealousy towards your partner because it shows that you care about them and are afraid to lose them instead of not being interested in them. One of the last thing the powerpoint talks about is how jealousy is a negative factor in a relationship and I would disagree with that because I believe it is a good trait to have because it shows that you care about the other person and do not want to lose them. It could become negative when someone is overly protective and jealous, that is when it becomes negative.

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