Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Performance, Caroline Lees

I chose to react to the lecture on Performance, mainly because of the Human Hunter video. This video was very interesting to me because it really expresses Motivation and Endurance. As expressed in the beginning slides, there are human limits. Some of these limits are: how long you can go without eating food or drinking water, how long a human can hold their breath, how long a human can survive without sleep. For us, these limits are not usually tested on a daily basis. In suffering areas and third world countries, they may be exposed to these limits much more often. Being exposed to human limits and risk of survival is the test for your performance.
In the Human Hunter video, I was extremely impressed by the "runner." He had been on an on foot chase in the blistering sun for over 8 hours. For me, someone who does not need to physically hunt for my meals, I would not "out run" a wild animal. In this circumstance, they explained multiple reasons why the human hunter would beat the animal and the animal would collapse first. These reasons were: the human sweats from glands all over the body and is able to cool off quicker, the human can carry water to replenish, and a long chase is more productive on two legs rather than four.  It was fascinating to view the animal give up before the humans frail legs. This example goes to show how a human can perform when they are truly close to a human limit like starvation/survival.

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