Thursday, April 30, 2020


Reading all the slides on drug addiction and all the different kinds of addiction that there are was very eye opener. There are psychoactive drugs that range from something as small as coffee that you don’t even think could be a drug all the way to heroine which is probably one of the strongest drugs. As a college student coffee is a norm. Sometimes I have to drink at least two cups of coffee a day to keep me going. Coffee is definitely addictive because if I go a day without drinking it I get a terrible headache, I just never associated it with it being a drug. The Barratt impulsiveness scale was interesting to learn about.  All drug addictions evoke pleasure which is what causes the person to become addicted to the feeling it gives them. There are positive addictions like exercise which release euphoria, and negative addictions like gambling. My aunt has a gambling addiction and she will go to the casino and loose thousands of dollars. It is so sad to see a loved one go through any kind of bad addiction.

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  1. I was the exact same way, I never really looked at caffeine as a drug either-- so that was interesting to see. I do know a lot of people drink coffee (my mom drinks coffee every day, always needs to make a wawa run before work), but I never really had much of it so I guess that's why I never really understood it. Also, I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt.