Monday, April 13, 2020

Addiction Powerpoint: Anna Sucar

Addiction comes in many forms, gambling, drinking, exercise, drug use, shopping, eating, and much more. Regardless of what type of addiction we are talking about it is a serious matter because it is damaging someones life. It is somewhat shocking how alcohol can be addictive considering that if you drink too much you can get a wicked hangover. Sometimes it makes me wonder how the hangover is not enough of a deterrent to stop drinking that excessively but regardless of the consequence that's what addiction is, the need for it no matter the consequence.
However there are some good addictions such as exercising giving one mood improvement and euphoria. A person must exercise more frequently to experience the same level of positive feelings. Having an exercise withdrawal can resemble drug withdrawal which can result in anxiety, depression, and irritableness. We see addiction all the time when going into the casinos in Atlantic City. People spend countless hours and money trying their luck to gain more money than they currently have and for some, they don't know when to call it quits and lose everything. When someone gambles like that there is always the thought of "well maybe it will be the next spin on the slot machine," or "maybe next time it will land on black."

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  1. I agree that addictions can be extremely damaging to an individual over time, even if they do not instantly hurt you. With Stockton being so close to Atlantic City, gambling is such a significant addiction in this area. When it comes to exercise as an addiction, I agree that it can be good as long as you are giving your body a break.