Saturday, April 11, 2020

Drugs Lecture - Rafaiel Maguirang

What interested me in the drugs lecture the most was the one slide about alcohol. I find it crazy that a bottle of Everclear which usually has a 95% alcohol percentage can sometimes have more alcohol content than the ethyl alcohol we buy at stores and pharmacies and yet people willingly down it. Another thing that came across my mind is that how unhealthy drugs, alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes are but how it seems very hypocritical to point those out and yet not point out other addictions that also cause lower quality of life. An example that came to my head is the addiction to food that people often forget or ignore. Addiction to alcohol is a slow process but overall bad for the liver but same could be said with the addiction to food.

There are multiple types of addiction. But overall, balance is necessary to have great quality of life. Anything too much is not good while anything too little is also not good. The word addiction usually brings thoughts of negativity with it but there are also good things to be addicted to such as healthy lifestyle and knowledge.

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