Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Incentives Lecture

This lecture was the most interesting to me. I felt as if I learned the most new information from these slides. One thing I already knew about though was procrastination. That is something I have sadly been doing way to often lately. I need some motivation to help me not continue procrastinating more this semester. Something new I learned was what opportunity cost is. That is when you give up one thing to do another. This is something I do often by never missing class so I can not sleep in or pick up more shifts at work. Sometimes I regret not working as much as I would like too because I am broke and need money. Along the lines of opportunity cost, I learned what choice overload is. This is something I face often, especially when it comes to deciding where to eat. I can never decide where to eat and this could be the reason why. "Losses loom longer than gains" is something I found very interesting. It is something I never really thought about but it is very true. People do dwell on losses longer than they are proud of their gains.

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