Thursday, April 30, 2020

Performance Lecture

            I found this set of lecture slides to be short and sweet. It got the point across and was concise in how it was portrayed. I believe the main point was that performance can be measured differently for each person and there are different aspects that influence one’s behavior. There were a couple of ways performance can be increased or decreased that were mentioned. Different factors such as consuming coffee, or simply being aroused led to differences in performance. For example, one slide showed bar graph results from a study which concluded caffeinated coffee had a positive effect on reaction times compared to no caffeine.
            This lecture also introduced some technical names to a couple of ideas or terms I was already familiar with such as the cusp catastrophe model. For example, I was aware that some animals will freeze up, or not move in times of high stress or dangerous situations. However, I did not know the correct term for that concept was called tonic immobility.

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