Sunday, April 26, 2020

reproduction lecture (sara miller)

What was interesting about the topic Reproduction is how to attract others and how to keep a good mate as well. I feel like usually everyone looks for physical attractiveness first when looking for a mate, however that could mean different things to different people.

Another topic that interesting was the mate value inventory. The traits and whatever the score is and how well you are compatible with another person. I wonder how accurate this is, however, are the traits are pretty reasonable when looking for an ideal mate.

Another thing that is mentioned in the lecture slide is the good gene hypothesis. This is basically saying that if one has good looks they usually have other values as well. I don’t really agree with all this because people from all over the world I feel as if they have different ideas of their standards of beauty. 

Lastly, another topic mentioned in Reproduction was the Biosocial Theory. This theory basically is explaining why people prefer certain things when looking for a mate. The example that was used was that women look for men who are more financially stable, I don’t necessarily agree with this because there are women out there who have more economic opportunity and still look for a mate that is more stable. 

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