Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Drugs Lecture - Gracie Meyer

Out of all of the lectures, I found this lecture on drugs to be the most informative. I liked how the “psychoactive drugs” slide broke down each different drug and multiple examples of them. It was really shocking to find out that caffeine was the most used drug in the world. I am sure people would have never guessed that either. I found it extremely interesting that the estimated number of individuals that try drugs for the first time typically begins at the age of 12. It is hard to watch someone, especially someone close to you, fight with addiction. It is difficult to understand why people choose drugs, knowing this is a scary outcome. 

Impulsivity is a large factor when fighting the peer pressure of using drugs. Impulsiveness heightens the sensitivity to drug-effects and lowers awareness of the negative consequences. When a person uses drugs, the chemical dopamine is released in the brain, giving a sense of pleasure to one’s body. This is the feeling most drug addicts crave which makes them prone to repeating their bad choices.

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