Sunday, April 26, 2020


The lecture on reproduction was interesting but kind of confusing to me. Everything that was said makes sense and is backed up by science but in a way it's weird to know if it's actually accurate to people now a days. I've learned about this before as well, that males look for physical attractiveness because it shows a women can produce healthy babies and a family and that women look for males with good personalities and money because it shows them those males can support and help raise a good family. I think that maybe this thought would be more accurate back in the days where women stayed at home and the men worked. I feel like now more then ever women don't look to men with money in hopes that it means they can help raise a family. A lot of women now a days want to work for themselves and be able to support a family for themselves. I know its evolutionary but I just don't know if I support it 100 percent. I do agree that a lot of males look for attractive partners, but its hard for me to believe the reason is because they see it as a sign the women will have healthy babies and a healthy family. Maybe it makes sense that attraction is rooted in these ideals back in the time when women and men had one main goal in society but I think now we have come a long way since then, and the ideals have changed from those past goals women and men had.

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