Monday, April 6, 2020

Incentive Slides

I found the General Procrastination Scale to be very useful. It helped me identify where I do well and in which tasks I should focus on. I find that I often do not procrastinate when it comes to schoolwork. My first year of college I put socializing over schoolwork almost every time and was disappointed with the grades I received. Now, I allot myself a decent amount of time to focus on writing papers. I have gotten straight A’s the past 5 semesters which is a great positive reinforcement. This has also opened a lot more opportunities for scholarships, and organizations which recognize academic achievement.

Seeing an A posted on Blackboard gives me a nice release of dopamine. This feeling makes it much more common for me to put in the same, if not more, work for future assignments as I did for the work which earned an A. This is an example of being extrinsically motivated.

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