Monday, April 13, 2020

Performance Powerpoint Response

I found this powerpoint really interesting and relatable because I have really bad anxiety. This powerpoint focuses on the different types of arousal with performance about how there is good arousal like caffeine giving you energy to do a performance and then there is bad arousal which is the anxiety part that decreases your ability to perform. I find the anxiety part very significant when performing something like talking in front of a class or doing other tasks in front of people. My anxiety prevents me from doing a lot like going on adventures with friends or sometimes even going out. For example, before a presentation that I would have to preset in front of a class I would not be anxious at all and I remember everything I am going to say but, the minute I get up in front of the class my anxiety kicks in and I start to forget everything that I was thinking and choke. it is interesting to learn about the freezing technique too that they did to the shark that was really fascinating to learn about.

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