Monday, April 13, 2020

Drugs, Caroline Lees

It was interesting to read and learn about drugs and addiction. I think this is because almost everyone is affected by drugs or alcohol somewhere in their family/friends. Addiction can really be a gamble itself. You could be born with more of a genetic vulnerability to addiction. To worsen your chances, this would, in most cases, mean that you are exposed to drugs and alcohol at home, in the family. Also apart of the lecture started that personality traits can also pay a part in your chances of carrying an addictive behavior. All of these cases can push a person towards addiction or drugs and alcohol more than they ever planned. Like most things on the internet and social media today, things will trend for a couple weeks and die off like it never happened. For a while, my facebook timeline would have raging posts of debates whether addiction was a choice or not. Genetics, personality traits, exposure, higher stress levels, these are why people "choose" drugs.
Most of the discussion on drugs is focused on 'euphoria' and 'elevated mood.' People who are using drugs and alcohol are chasing an elevated mood that they are failing to reach without it. Coffee sometimes calms people, or it helps to wake them. Cannabis may help with focus but also help with sleep. These are cravable bonuses for the mind that can be easily abused. Once a drug is abused, a person can experience, sometimes pretty severe, withdrawal symptoms. This craving becomes much stronger because the crave is to not just reach a high or euphoric state, but to also relieve yourself of a painful withdrawal.

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