Wednesday, October 19, 2011

State of Arousal and Performance

Calming yourself down when a whole team is riding on your back to make this free throw to win the game can be a stressful task in itself, so how do all of these professional athletes maintain a workable stress level to keep their performance at their highest? It's hard to explain, but i think i have some theories.  Athletes that perform at a very high level of competition have much more skill and confidence in their abilities.  I think that they can focus less on what they are actually physically doing to perform the task at hand, and use that freed cognitive space to block out the pressures from around them.  Most athletes like a certain level of pressure while they are performing.  If you know the game or match doesn't matter or there won't be any consequences in the result of a loss, players can become apathetic to the game and make mistakes because they are not in the right state of mind to perform.  However, when there is too much at stake with the game the players can shut down in some sort of state like tonic immobility, where there is too much stress and stimulation to cope and perform, and they "choke".  Professional athletes have the ability to gain confidence in high pressure situations because they are able to block out the underlying pressure and fill it with their confidence in themselves i believe.  Myself on the other-hand, thats a different story.  I will start an activity, such as skateboarding or surfing and have very high confidence and do well in the beginning,. but one bad turn or failed flip trick and i get frustrated and loos my confidence and my performance suffers.  It is mostly a mental thing and i believe that it can be beaten if i could only keep my thoughts from turning negative on me.  I believe that performance under stress relies mostly on the mental will of the athlete.  The more capable you know you are, the more confident in your abilities and the less you let the pressure of the situation damper your performance.  There is definitely a balance of performance and pressure and it is in the shape of an inverted U.  The performance rises as the pressure increases up until a point where it becomes too much causing the athlete to crack, some have a higher pressure threshold, some have lower.  It would be great to perform studies to really understand more of what goes on in peoples head as they deal with stressful situations so they don't crack or choke.  MY solution, don;t take everything so seriously, its just a game, or a hobby, or something else that is supposed to just be FUN.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Taking Adderall

Adderall seems to be the perfect helper drug at first. It helps one to focus and concentrate more effectively. The thinking process becomes clearer. The author of this article tried Adderall for a week. The author felt he was more productive. He was accomplishing more when taking Adderall. He felt extremely focused, but at the same time he felt less like himself. When he was tired, he couldn't go to sleep. As I read on, I noticed that it could cause psychosis. It is a scary thought to think that a drug that is suppose to help focus and concentration can cause pyschosis. Taking Adderall for a pick-me-up can become dangerous. At first it seems to be the perfect boost of energy. One of the withdrawl effects that Adderall causes is depression. No one wants to feel depressed. If Adderall gives the feeling of being energetic at first, then feeling low later doesn's seem to be much of a helper. Adderall should be taken by individuals who it is prescribed for that have ADHD. It isn't for someone who wants an extra boost of energy during their day.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Adderall Me.

I just could not take the article "The Adderall Me: My romance with ADHD meds" seriously. Joshua Foer, the author or the article, discusses his experience with the drug Adderall that he took for one week. For the majority of the article Foer talks about the positive side effects of Adderall. One of the problems that I have with this article is that Foer only took Adderall for a week. I don't think that anyone can get the full grasp of the effects of a drug after only a week. Television commercials for depression medicines typically state that it can take two weeks or more for the individual to feel any reaction to the medicine. The effects, such as increased focus, determination and productivity, of Adderall sound amazing but at what risk. Like Foer mentioned in the article your body will crash after taking Adderall. Is the drug worth it after what your body goes though after consuming it? In my honest opinion Adderall to cram for college or any other task is the easy way out. I do not see a problem with someone taking Adderall to focus or be productive in life if it is truly needed. One can still be determine and focused on school or work without taking a drug. I feel that our society is too willing to diagnose people with illnesses and hand out medication like candy. I don't feel that people should be taking Adderall unless they seriously have ADHD. The general population should not feel that they need to take Adderall or any drug to be successful.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Use of Aderol

This article speaks about the uses of aderol, and what the author experiences after the use of this drug.  Right off the bat I see a problem with the expertice of the author about this topic because he admits that he only used said drug for a very short period of time, thus not exposing him to some of the long term side effects that can accompany this drug.  Drugs such as heroin has very little negative side effects after lets say one use, but after long term use there are very few if even any positive effects.  So in the short term or in sparing use it looks like aderol has nothing but positive uses, and that may be true, but the way this infomation is presented I find a lot of problems because this drug can have negative side effects that are never even addressed by this author, so all in all I don't find much stock in what he says about the positive effects of this drug. 
K. VanNess

Chemical Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

Before getting into how alcohol affect the brain, here is how the brain works. It is the control center of the body, it controls all the systems of your body-- your muscular system, respiratory system, and finally the digestive system. The brain controls these functions by using a series of chemical, electrical, and physical signals from cell to cell. Within the cells, the electrical signals are used for transmission, where as between the cells chemical signals are used. The signals are called neurotransmitters.
When alcohol is introduced the normal neurotransmission maybe affected and effects all the parts of the brain. The cerebral cortex processes information from your senses, processes thoughts, initiates the majority of voluntary muscle movements and has some control over lower-order brain centers. When it comes to the cerebral cortex when the blood alcohol content increases the effects get more pronounced. Alcohol can effect the limbic system to where the person may experience some memory loss and may have exaggerated states of emotion. When alcohol affects the cerebellum, the muscle movements become uncoordinated. When it comes to the pituitary gland, alcohol depresses nerve centers in the pituitary gland that control sexual arousal and performance, with increased alcohol consumption, sexual desire increases, but sexual performance declines. Finally, when the alcohol affects the medulla a person will start to feel sleepy and with increased consumption can lead to unconsciousness. Therefore, alcohol's effect on the medulla can be fatal if it is excessive.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Adderall Me

After reading the article on Adderall, I agree with what many said... it sounds great. The solve all for classic college cramming. However, it so closely reminded me of someone else who had once believed they found a cure all drug. With many uses such as an antidepressant, analgesic, an anti-fatigue, and a cure for morphine addiction. The person was Sigmund Freud and the drug was cocaine. We have come a long way since then... or have we?

Adderall is being used and abused by so many nowadays. Most people may think it's ok because they know someone who takes it, but when I researched it via The National Library of Medicine, there were 37 possible side effects. Now, personally, that in itself is enough for me to say "eh, no thanks."

To take Adderall or not to take Adderall?

While reading this article, I was definitely thinking about how the use of Adderall might become a real problem among individuals of all ages. Sure, on paper, it sounds great! An increased focus, the ability to perform certain physical feats, the lack of distractions, who would not want to take this drug? As with all things that have many positive aspects, there are some severe downfalls that make this drug flat-out dangerous, and I feel that one should not take it unless prescribed by a doctor; the potential risks outweigh the benefits, and in the end, is it really worth it? Imagine if the younger generation became hooked and the consequences reared its ugly head-- what kind of problems would that create? In the end, there are many other ways to help concentrate if that is the main problem; one could exercise and change his or her diet, for this would help big-time. Pills are not the answer for the average Joe feeling sluggish on a Tuesday morning, and I believe that if one puts their mind to it, proper steps can be taken to feel better and lead a better, healthier life--the legal way!

The ADHD Da Vinci Code

I really didn't take this article seriously. I was more frustrated with the author for saying all these claims and only took it for one week. I believe he was motivated by monetary reasons from a pharmaceutical company.  A new movement must of started in hollywood for failed artists like maroon five because the lead singer has a new campaign.  This campaign encourages the veiwer to go to your doctor and get an assessment to see if one has A.D.D or A.D.H.D. I believe that one could see it as an endorsement for prescription amphetamines.

Guess what? Shire Pharmaceuticals is the owner of this video. Also! The website is an 'Everyday Health' website.  Everyday Health is partners with a bunch of pharmesutical outlets.  CONSPIRACY or GOOD MARKETING?

The Adderall Me

The Adderall Me

This article was interesting to read. I have never taken Adderall before but one of my friends has. She would describe it as being focused for a long period of time. She would be able to sit in the library all day and just read forever. So pretty much her experience relates to what the author wrote about. Adderall and other drugs like it are used most widely for those who have ADHD. It is also common for college students who use it as a “study buddy.” The author apparently consults a few psychiatrists, who tell him that there are no long-term health consequences. Personally, I do not believe this. The author then decides to take Adderall for one week to see how it effects him. He describes it as a euphoric experience but with somewhat depressive withdrawal symptoms. When he talks about whether Adderall increases vs. decreases creativity, I think it all depends on the person. I think for it to increase your creativity, you must have some creativity already within you. Finally, I think this article makes Adderall sound like a good idea and that its something everyone should try. It seems as though the author is promoting drug use in some way.

Foer and Adderall

Being a college student, I have heard of many peers taking Adderall in order to stay up all night and get weeks worth of homework done in one sitting. On the other hand, I have a brother with ADHD who was prescribed Adderall when he was in middle school. I think the drug can do great things for people that have ADHD or other focusing issues, but it can also help those who were not prescribed it. I do not thing it is a big deal because it has very few negative effects but it should not be used for the wrong reasons. Everyone has their own opinion on the issues, probably based off how it effects them and whether they liked it or not. The drug can have negative effects, as is the case with almost every drug, whether it was prescribed to you or not. I do not think the craze with taking Adderall to get through college is a big deal, especially when there are so many other drug issues today, especially in college.


Adderall makes me feel miserable personally. I hate amphetamines.

But if you need to crank out a whole semester of homework in a couple of days, Adderall will help you do that.

What probably should have been left out of the article is the bit he mentioned about "DOCTORS" saying that if Adderall is taken by a responsible person who's not a schizo takes Adderall and doesn't snort or inject it then it should be relatively safe. Even if that knowledge was divulged to him by a doctor, he should have left it out. The readers of this magazine could easily be college-age Americans with access to this dangerous amphetamine. Adderall's first hour effects are DEFINITELY euphoric and that high could be a cause for addiction; plus some of his readers could be schizophrenic and not know it, read this, say that "DOCTOR's" said it was OK, and pop a 30 mg next time they have a big exam. Silliness.

Maslow's Hierarchy+Cognitive Dissonance+Heroin

I know we discussed this a bit in class, but I definitely found this the most interesting point of cognitive dissonance. When the theory of cognitive dissonance is applied to an addict, I feel like its far more complicated. Everything changes when a drug, especially an opiate such as heroin, becomes the top of the hierarchy of needs for any individual.

Humans are instinctual creatures; we all want to live. Physiological needs top Maslow's hierarchy, but once a person mainlines heroin into their bloodstream, heroin becomes the top of the hierarchy of needs. If you ask a dope fiend if he wants a burger or a bundle, he'll pick the bundle every single time. So:

Humans naturally want to live.

Then, a human gets addicted to heroin. I would say a relatively prudent person of average intelligence would realize that once they are addicted to heroin, they will either have to take very difficult steps to get clean and live , or die. But humans naturally want to live. But the heroin addict will keep shooting heroin in some cases and kill themselves. Then there's no more cognitive dissonance, no more hierarchy. Just a drug.

Is heroin that good that it becomes more important than living? Users report an "infatuation" and actually being "in love" with this opiate (, The Dark Side). They'd rather die a user than ever go hanggliding or get married or meet their potential grandchildren.

So people say that addicts are addicts because of their own faults and mistakes. If they wanted to just quit and live, they would, right? Maybe the first time they used, they just snorted it, made a mistake, didn't realize that they would absolutely fall in love with the drug and never recover. The thought of the drug and how it makes them feel lingers in their brain throughout the hours of the day when those of us who are non-addicts think about girls or football or homework. It just becomes the drug. That's it.

Cognitive Dissonance

Festinger's article on cognitive dissonance was a great first article to read. By gaining insight to the "motivating effects of cognivitve dissonance," I was able to better understand what we would be learning about in this class. Cognitive dissonance affects us everyday; for example, I know I should go to my Stats and Crim classes today, but I know that cognitive dissonance will likely set in tonight because there is a good chance I won't attend one or more of those classes- partially because they're miserable and partially because I have a flag football game. Then I might stress a bit about it later, but not to any extreme. Too much cognitive dissonance can make a guy lose his mind, wouldn't want that to happen.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Adderall Me

This article was very interesting. It is amazing to me that this medication can help you concentrate, focus, and be productive. I could not believe how many things the author said he was able to do in one day when taking the medication. It seems like something that every college student would want. However, when reading the article, I noticed the author mentioned the side effects of feeling groggy the next day. My roommate last semester was prescribed adderall. I noticed when she took it she got all of her homework done and was able to study for hours. However, I remember her complaining about losing her appetite for two days at a time and barely being able to sleep. It is kind of scary that some people have trouble getting anything done if they don't take their adderall. It almost sounds addictive. So, like the author said there is a price to pay for having a very productive day. I suppose if there were no side effects everyone would be taking adderall.
I never heard much about adderall until living on campus at college. I hear a lot of students talking about adderall and their school work, especially around the time of finals. I never thought much of it until now. I never really knew what its effects and side effects were, except for hearing what my roommate complained about. It seems almost like a bit of a miracle drug.

Breanne Bryson

My romance with ADHD meds

It is interesting to read an article about the use of ADHD medications throughout the years as a motivational assistant. Many college students use different variations of these ADHD medications for their own studying purposes. It helps increase focus and concentration on the intended subject. However, this becomes hazardous because there is always the chance of dependency. There is increasing prevalence of use within students because of the ease of access. Like the article said, it's one of the easiest disorders to fake. The tone of the article seems to only promote the drugs. In contrast, I think it is important to address this as a problem, for it has only grown in abuse over the years.

My Romance with ADHD meds

In terms of speaking about the article “My romance with ADHD meds” was quite impressive. For this type of drug to be misused is not shocking at all. The way it’s advertised would make anyone want it. Who wouldn’t want to increase their mental and cognitive abilities? Especially, if you’re a college student who thinks that it helps you get through exams, tests, or even finals. But that’s just one side of the medication. What’s really not being emphasized is the fact that this medicine can be dangerous if it is not prescribed to you by a physician.

You know this medication is not joke when it made a man kill his infant daughter then got away with it. Personally, this medication has too many side effects as well as long term effects for me to want to take it. Although, I’m a college student, I would not take this no matter what! People don’t realize that you can become psychologically dependent on this drug. Just like the writer Jack Kerouac who ended up with thrombophlebitis which is a blood clot in the vein that causes inflammation. So, although this was a good article I would not even think twice about taking any type a drug. Here is a video that explains what adderall is and what it does. In addition, there are some views from other college students who would take this drug. This is a very informative video so take a look. There are too many other ways to get good grades without the help of adderall!! STUDY BUDDY or even STUDY GROUPS but not the Study Pill it’s just not worth it!!!!

My romance with ADHD meds.

Ironically this situation has come up in my life recently, the decision of whether to take Adderall or not. I babysit for a doctor who was going to set up an appointment for me because of the symptoms I complain about when it comes to reading things. After reading this article it makes me glad that I did not schedule and appointment for this. The idea of Adderall seems like a great idea, I mean who does not want to succeed academically? Although I may be distracted easily I am sure that just about everybody could say the same about themselves when it comes to school work. Everybody has their own distractions because everybody has more than one thing on their mind. If this drug did not have the dangerous side effects it would just be too good to be true, life would be too easy, and everybody would take this drug. Sitting down and reading over a hundred pages without any distractions sounds like an amazing idea, but people need to decide is it really worth the side effects? Many students including myself can probably admit that they can't finish an assignment without checking their social networking sites, email, or any website. Being online while attempting work could lead to hours of procrastination. Keeping in mind the side effects you would think people would be turned off by this drug. However, this idea does not threaten most people because they think short term and how much easier it will make their life in that moment. I am not against Adderall people are always going to do what they want, they just need to realize they have a potential to get side effect from this drug.

The Adderall Me

When I was reading this article it made me think about back when I was in second grade and the doctors and school I attended were diagnosing me with ADD. I honestly do not know how people can take Adderall just to take it so the can get all their school work done in one night. I also do not know how people can go to the doctors and get Adderall prescribed to the in one appointment. Looking back at the process of me getting diagnosed, i had several doctors appointment and tests ran on me, for example, my parents had to take me to Rowan University and I had to have an about two hour psychological test ran on me. The process was not that easy to get Adderall, and when I did finally get diagnosed with ADD and the doctor prescribed me to Adderall, I got very sick. I took it in the morning before school, could not eat all day because it upset my stomach and took my appetite away, and when I finally got home from school I was so tired but could not sleep.
But then again, that was all done that was all done about fifteen years ago, so I know times have changed and it might be easier to get Adderall, especially with how much ADD and ADHD is over diagnosed these days.


In the beginning of the article , i thought to myself : i could use Adderall myself. I mean if this drug can help me stay up longer and am able to finish my work; then why not. As a college student , i need all the extra energy i can get. Not only will this make me complete all my assignments, it can also improve my overall grade. This was my initial feelings about this drug , i didnt think about the kind of side effects if might have after i take it or the long term effects . The only thing i thought about was the advantages of being able to pass a class without much effort really. At the end of the article and also reading the comment posted by some readers , i began to re think my new love for the drug. All the side effects that came with it was unbelievable , it can even cause you to murder someone if is to the extreme addiction side. At the end , my thoughts of the drug is, if it wasnt addictive i would with no doubt try it and see what happens. I see Adderall as the magic drug for all college students but is it really worth the many side effects and its addiction ?? . Personally, i think not i would rather go through school with all the stress temporary than to be addicted to this drug for life. :)))

The Adderall Me

Reading this article made me think about what it would be like if I was to take Adderall. I thought about how much school work I can get done in one night just by taking a pill. I personally don’t think I would ever be able to take it though. To most people, Adderall is like a dream drug. I do know that Adderall isn’t an addictive drug but if you see how concentrated you are while taking why wouldn’t you take it every time you need to get work done? I feel like people are going to continually take the drug if it is helping them accomplish so much. I do understand that it is easier to concentrate while on Adderall but I could never do that. This is not an addictive drug but like with any drug taking it when there is no medical need for it can cause some types of damage. It is scary to think about how many people, knowing the side effects of this drug and any other drug, still take them.

The Adderall Me

This article about adderall was really poor not informative, I could probably even say I gained no knowledge from reading it. It basically stated a bunch of known people and authors who supported and used certain amphetamines. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but who cares? There are a ton of college students and/or regular working people worldwide that take adderall for recreational use on a daily basis. And it is not comsumed in the form of a pill either. Snorting and injecting are both faster ways to reach what the user is looking for. This article does not mention anything about the cons, or negative effects, that these types of drugs have. For example, nothing was said about how the central nervous system can be affected or any other possible health problems. In my opinion, it really did not give you any useful information. Personaloy, I have tried it in pill form and i do not think it had much of an effect on me. So, I can understand why people some people abuse it but I can also understand why people do not like it. With that being said, I believe adderall or amphetamines have different effects on each individual person. But,f it does not concern me, and "to each their own".

The Adderall Me

As i was reading this, I thought about how great it would be to take some Adderall with all the work I have coming up, but I don't think I could personally ever do it. You always hear about people who do take it, or people who have ADHD and should be taking it selling it to others who need to it write a paper. Its a pretty easy drug to get on a college campus. This 'crash' that your body feels afterwards is not something I would want to experience. Although the article stated that it is not highly addictive, it is still a drug so there is always that chance you could become addicted. Since this is a motivation class, I do not think you can be fully motivated if you are taking this drug. You may be more concentrated and willing to do work, as it says in the article "I feel less like myself." I feel like this is somewhat like cheating, since you aren't yourself when you take it. Regardless, it was way overused, especially in a college setting, and doesn't really seem to be this kind of 'miracle' drug that everyone think it is.

The Adderall Me

Wow this is not what I was expecting to read when thinking about this article. I think that the points are very valid and true in the sense that Adderall can do wonders for people. Yes, I understand that drugs aren't good and that you shouldn't have to take drugs to get work done. But in all reality, why not take a couple pills to help you study or read a 200 page book in one night? This whole article really talked Adderall up and praised how the author was able to concentrate and be extremely productive while taking the pill. Honestly, he said that he took the pills for a week to do this study. I personally think he had gotten his hands on a few more since then. Maybe people who haven't taken the pill before would have a problem with it because it isn't natural but if you've tried it before, odds are you tried it again. Especially because there are no crazy side effects that you could die or have a heart attack or anything, I don't see the problem i guess. Another thing it is that Adderall is so easy to get - especially in college. Being able to concentrate and get everything done in one shot is a college student's dream.

This is a True Life: I'm Addicted to Adderall

Now after watching this episode for about two minutes, I am completely turned off to the drug.

Overall, there are obviously pros and cons about the drug. These opinions can change depending on what source your getting the information from. I still don't have a problem with it but I'm a lot less likely to take the drug after watching the episode and not reading the article.

Romance with ADHD meds

There definitely has been a hype about adderall and its postive effects for students, writers, musicans, etc. I know plenty of people who have taken it/talk about taking it in order to cram for a test or write a great paper. In theory it sounds like a miracle worker. Like most people when studying I get distracted from other thoughts or other things going on. After a couple of hours I just need to give myself a break. But I think there is a reason for that and that's how a normal brain works. To be able to focus for a couple hours on something is somewhat draining and a small break is necessary, at least for me. No one studies for 20 hours straight without the help of a drug like adderall, which to me shows that its just not natural. For those who do take it, if taken in small amounts there aren't too many negative effects, however with all drugs you can become dependent on them just like Paul Erdos did. All in all, I do not look down upon those who use adderall to study, I just feel like it isn't for me. If I prepare early enough for an exam and study a lot in small intervals I will succeed just as much as if I took adderall and studied the night before.


While reading "My Romance with ADHD Meds", I was thinking about how much of a better student I could be if I could focus more, but motivation comes from within not by drugs. There are too many side effects and risks that I would be too afraid to take Adderall or any other drug. It is scary to think that a lot of college students take adderall to help them study and write papers. What if they became addicted and just couldn't stop taking the drug because they believed it made them more productive and they could not be productive without it? They could end up like the mathmatician Paul Erdos and become psychologically dependent. Also, Adderall does not make you smarter, all it does it help you stay awake, so why risk taking it. Drink coffee or an energy drink to keep you awake.
Motivation is all in your head. A person could work hard and be productive if they set their mind to it. Unless, you have a certain psychological disorder you can motivate yourself to do anything. Adderall and other ADHD medications are for people who really need it and they shouldn't be abused by the people who are prescribed it, let alone the people who aren't.


For years, there has always been this hype about adderall, whether it's good or bad. Although most articles, including this one, do mention the side effects of adderall, I feel like they are almost advocates of the drug. The positives appear to outweigh the negatives. I'm sure everybody knows somebody (close or distant) who has taken adderall; I sure do. A lot of kids take it in high school as experiments, and the ones I know who took it fell in love with the way they felt on it. Even if they didn't accomplish anything productive, the feeling is what they crave. It's definitely important to note that if taken correctly the drug probably won't become addictive, as noted in the article. I've personally considered taking it when needing to cram for a test or write a paper. I never have though, because I know that taking it messes with chemicals in the brain which in the long run can affect you negatively, and the risks haven't seemed to outweigh the benefits.

My Romance with ADHD Meds

After reading this article, I have formed several opinions on the types of drugs that were discussed. To begin, I personally have never taken any of these types of drugs, although I have been offered them before and I have had friends in the past that have used them and still swear by them today, but only if it is a massive assignment that needs to get done. For example, one of my roommates during my freshman year had to write a 25 page paper for one of his classes, it was due the next day, and he failed to even start it; the night before it was due, he took Adderall and finished the entire paper that night (and received an A on it).

Now back to the opinions, first off I’ll be honest with you that when it comes to pills in general I tend to stay away from them completely, call it neurotic or whatever you like. I just hear so many stories of how people get hooked on them and how they suffer through inconvenient side effects or go through the rigors of withdrawal, no thanks (even though the author claims that you cannot become addicted to Adderall). Another opinion I share is how productive you can be on these supposed “magic pills”, to me it’s all a mental thing. I think if an individual is motivated enough and possesses the necessary drive, they can be as productive as they desire, given any day. I consider myself to be a fairly productive person, I tend to do pretty well academically (even though I’m a last minute person), I have a social life that I have no complaints about, and I’m a pretty decent athlete; so as far as I am concerned I do not need a pill to enhance any of my life’s aspects.

I will say this though, I do find it hard to function, at least in an academic sense, without coffee. So what I suppose it is a vice of mine, sue me, we all have one vice or another. Sure you’ll experience a little crash here and there, but I swear by coffee and as far as I’m concerned, I’ll take that over some little pill that could lead to psychosis any day, call me crazy if you like.

...ok, maybe this guy could seriously use a pill, or something

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Romance with ADHD meds

In terms of speaking about Motivation, this article “My Romance with ADHD meds” says it all. It was hard to believe that Benzedrine which was similar to Adderall was an over the counter drug that was utilized to treat a nasal congestion. The most intriguing detail about this article was the fact that before the FDA made it prescription only in 1959; Jack Kerouac took this medication at his leisure and increased his ability in his writing as well as thinking. The power of this medication today is just the same, however, many people are taking it for granted.

This medicine is being utilized improperly by many people. Some high school students as well as college students are using this to get high and to study from. This medication is in such high demand that students are paying large amounts of money just to have it. Below is a video that explains that nature of this particular drug and how it is being utilized today as far as college students are concerned.

The one memorable moment I had with this type of drug was when I worked as a bus driver. The teachers of these students on these particular medications would wait until I pulled up with the bus and checked their book bags and if they did not have their medication they would put them back on the bus for me to take them home. These kids were just six and seven years of age and the medication didn’t do anything but make them like zombies. They would sit in class drugged up and not move. I just thought this was crazy that these teachers would insist upon these kids being drugged up before entering their classes.

After reading this article, the thought of taking this to increase my cognitive skills ran across my mind as well. However, the side effects made me think twice. There are too many side effects to this medication along with being careful of not taking this medication with certain other meds could be extremely dangerous.


After reading this, in a way I wish I could take Adderall to help me cram for test & study better. However, I dont think I would be able to handle the "crash" of your body after it went into over drive. An issue with people taking this drug just for fun, will ruin it for the people who really do need this drug to help them with ADHD or even ADD. Next thing you know, it will be sold on the street at the corner where cocaine and heroin are. Or it could be the next NyQuil kick here you need ID just to cough medicine cause kids think its cool to get high from it; really. People need to watch out when they take this for fun too. I mean, kids these days experiement with this crap and take it with other drugs and liquor to make the high better. Though you never hear that people die from this; at least I havent heard, but Im sure students think they are superman and can take this and then an hour laer smoke pot or take a few shots. Taking this to make your body at a abnormal high will probably have consequences in the long run.


What happened to getting grades on your own merit and hard work? Taking a prescription like Adderall without a medical diagnosis to enhance your mental processes is living a lie. How much different is to take this drug versus heroin, cocaine or any other illegal drug? College is a learning experience not just an exercise in cramming work into 1 day and getting an A. The drug helps the person to focus on task at hand and blocks out distractions. I personally find that distractions help me write better, I often walk away from the writing or studying , take a breather and then return to the task refreshed. Organization and not procrastinating is my key to doing well in college. I can be naive at times but it's frightening to me to realize there are writer, authors, politicians?, doctors? and other professionals controlling our society taking illegal substances!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Adderall Me

After reading this article out loud to someone who was perscribed to Adderall for a while they thought it was crazy. They compared adderall to herion. In my opinion herion is a "tad" worse. Dose adderall have a psychologically they need it to focus, like herion users need herione to function? The great names that were listed in this article took benzedrine which has a diffrent chemical compound then adderall now a days.

As for the man who took it for a week it was interresting to see how it affected someone who wasn not perscribed.

To be honest I believe we all today have a spec of ADD or ADHD and a little adderall wouldn't hurt. Me personally, I'll pass, Im not one to ever depend on something for something else or a diffrent effect.

Another Study I found regarding ADD/ADHA & it's abuse:


Thursday, October 6, 2011


After reading the article The Adderall Me, I could see how Adderall would be appealing to college students. However, I'm not persuaded that the negative results of taking this drug is worth it.  After reading about the positive effects of Adderall, I was curious to learn more about the negative effects of the drug.   Although individuals state that the drug may improve your concentration and productivity, some have also stated that this drug could cause people to become obsessive compulsive,  psychologically dependent, and may even cause psychosis, as seen in this article. I could understand why individuals would want to take Adderall to enhance their focus during their hectic and tedious schedules. However, I came across the article attached below that discusses some of the negative effects of taking the drug.

I don't need no speed

YES! I'll admit it, I've used adderall to cram for tests and its has definitely worked and I was very focused on my study material and driven to get an A on that upcoming examination.  HOWEVER!  The use of this prescription drug for such reasons is not only an inappropriate use of this stimulant, it is also a very dangerous substance for your body if not used correctly.  If you are using such tactics to study for your exams, you must re-evaluate your desire to get further educated.  I've found this to be very true.  Using any sort of drug is a way to subdue or mask unwanted feelings or desires.  When you put off studying or procrastinate on your work and it all pushes up to a deadline, you use this substance, Adderall, to focus your attention on the single task at hand and mask the fact that because you are indifferent to this material you'd rather be playing xbox or getting stoned (which of course is another motivational paradox that I'd love to touch on at a further moment), to make the time fly past your awareness and let the chapters of meaningless jargon seep into your recent memory and vomit it back onto a test in the morning in which you will soon forget all of the subject matter.  YOU NEED TO FIND THE MOTIVATION IN YOURSELF, not in that pill to study and take these exams and truly become educated.  You don't need to get the A, hell you don't even need to get the B, but learn something from these classes you are paying thousands of dollars for.  Listen to your teachers lecture, absorb and make connections with the material and allow yourself to pick up and utilize these tools that are being given to you.  Find motivation in being confident in your success when you finish school, find motivation in surprising yourself, find motivation in making people proud or at least find motivation in rubbing that A in your friends face who thinks he's a smarty pants.  I've delved into the depths of coasting through school and I know how easy it is, BUT IT'S A WASTE.  It's a waste of your time, the teacher's time, and of stress and late nights.


I must say that taking adderall to focus on school work is news to me. I have never heard of such a thing. I went to PsychInfo to look for some articles that were similar to Foer’s article. The article I found was called, “Non-medical use of prescription stimulants among US college students.” The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence rates and correlates of non-medical use of prescription stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall. One hundred and nineteen students from 4 year colleges in 39 states. The students were randomly selected and a self-report study was conducted. It was interesting to discover that the results indicated that rates were higher at colleges located in the north-eastern region of the US and colleges with more competitive admission standards. Also, the use of Adderall was high among college students who were male, white, members of fraternities and sororities and earned lower grade point averages. The findings of the study provided evidence that non -medical prescription use of Adderall is more prevalent among particular groups of United States college students and types of colleges. This study was performed in 2001.

After reading both articles, I really don’t see the harm in using the adderall when you are trying to focus on your work with school. I have such a busy life that it would be nice to sit and focus on my books and writing. I do not like the feeling of coming down from the high from the day before though. That wouldn’t be good for me trying to work and care for my child, but a college student who does not have kids it may help with school work. I almost wonder how many people who are becoming doctors must take this drug to stay awake and focus.

McCabe, S., Knight, J. R., Teter, C. J., & Wechsler, H. (2005). Non-medical use of prescription stimulants among US college students: Prevalence and correlates from a national survey. Addiction, 100(1), 96-106. doi:10.1111/j.1360-0443.2005.00944.x

The Miracle Drug

Adderall is a very popular drug, especially amongst college students. Who wouldn't want a little help studying for their exam? Who wouldn't want something that's going to keep you moving all day ... ensuring you get all your errands done? It is the Energizer Bunny of pills, and is ideally an amazing assistant in the process of obtaining one's degree.

If this pill is something that is not available to all students, is it really fair? How can one discriminate who earned their "A+" with the help of a pill, or who stayed up all night cramming for their exam? Obviously, using an ADHD medication, when you do not have ADHD is a problem in itself, but there is no way to stop this from happening. Through continued use of Adderall, it gives those students an edge above the rest-- almost like a steroid in a sporting event.

Frequent use of Adderall reminds me of the movie, LIMITLESS. The movie trailer is below, and summarizes the entire movie. He is so dependent on this drug, that his life flies right past him. He is so powered by the help of this pill, that it almost seems as if the drug lived his life, not him. He lost his sense of self, and allowed the drug to decide his every move.

By: Katie McGinley

Change of Speed; Mom's New Fix

In congruence with the article, adderall has been constantly present throughout the past few years of college. I say few because I'm not exactly sure how long, but upon my enrollment into Stockton, I've seemed to become more aware of it's use. There's not a whole lot one can say about adderall that's not already been mentioned. Me personally have never taken the drug to enhance my studies in school, although I have many former roommates that were definitely 'in love' with the effects and benefits come mid semester and finals week. It's known to help one focus and stay on task, mostly during an all-nighter writing papers. The article didn't quite lure my interests from the 'advantages' from taking adderall because it simply states like many marijuana supporters, that in moderation and with low doses, it produces little to no long term health issues.

So as a college undergrad or someone who's just had a rough week and needs a boost to knock out the 12 page paper that's been due for 2 months in 12 hours, adderall seems like an intelligent solution. For myself, if my time is not scheduled well enough to complete my assignments in a secure, anxiety penalty free manner, then I deserve the grade that follows. I don't agree with using drugs to enhance my ability to do the things I'm well capable of handling on my own. But that's just me, and judging from this article, adderall will remain a college love affair that continues to go unaddressed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An interesting prospect

This article was very intriguing. As college students I think we can all connect with this article. Living the college lifestyle, I think we can all say if we wanted too, we could find a way to get some Adderall for a big test or when a term paper is due. The drug is so common and so effective, it can be hard to resist. What makes it worse, is that we know that there aren't many negative affects of lighting using the drug. This world we live in is so crazy and so rushed that Adderall seems like a dream come true. With all of the distractions around us, it would be an easy fix to get all of our work done. So it would make sense that people who live extremely busy lives would use the drug to help make life a little bit easier.

So what is the harm? In the article, the author mentions that many famous authors and writers have taken some help from Adderall. If someone can use it to boost their career, why can't a college student use it during midterms or finals. If the effects are not severe and there really aren't any long lasting negative effects, why doesn't someone jump on the opportunity? Think about it. If the government loosened regulations and sold Adderall in low dosages, they could make a fortune. What college student, busy parent, or overloaded business man wouldn't pay some cash for a little mental stimulation? The article states that doctors have not found harmful effects and occasional usage is probably harmless. Like everything else in this world, most things are fine in moderation. This could be a great tool for all types of people to make their lives a little easier. And anything this marketable will definitely make a large profit for someone smart enough to monopolize on it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Romance with Adderall

When I first went away to college I was seventeen and ready to be on my own. I chose the farthest school from home that I got accepted to and I was eager to start my college career. Many years and three schools later here I am. Those days seem like forever ago. I am bringing this up because during my freshman year of school Adderall was a way of survival. Everyone I knew, including me, used Adderall to get through the semester. My roommate and I would spend the entire night awake working diligently on papers and projects that were due the next day. The next day would be spent in a crashing haze that would eventually be slept off, but as long as the assignment was complete Adderall had done its job. These days the thought of leaving an assignment for the last minute completely worries me. I have post it notes with to do lists covering my desk and I need to start assignments in advance or I will dwell on the fact that I have so much to do and so little time.

I enjoyed reading this article and learning about how Adderall affects other people. I liked the fact I was able to relate to the author and I feel he does a good job describing how it works. I also appreciate the fact he brings up the risks. As a seventeen year old I did not think of the risks that can happen from taking a non prescribed drug and now I think it's kinda crazy that I used it without thinking. I relate this article with motivation because of the motivation needed to sit down and write a paper, or in the author's case an article - just for example. Students are motivated to write papers to result in getting good grades so they can graduate and get a job. But the initial act of sitting down at a computer is much harder then expected. On Adderall, the author explained, "When I tried writing on the drug, it was like I had a choir of angels sitting on my shoulders. I became almost mechanical in my ability to pump out sentences. The part of my brain that makes me curious about whether I have new e-mails in my inbox apparently shut down." During the span of just writing this blog I have checked my email, my facebook, and made a phone call. Sometimes it really would be helpful to have the part of my brain thinking about e-mails to shut down so I can focus on one thing at a time. But I have come this far without it and now writing a paper is consistent with a routine of checking email, facebook, getting a snack, making a phone call and other activities that allow you to step back from your main focus. So now, motivation to graduate is my new Adderall.

Source - The Adderall Me by Joshua Foer

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Maslow Argument.

The psychological needs, stated by Maslow have been in the back of my mind since I was taught them 3 years ago. The bottom tier is the most obvious, but as it increases in tiers, one can see that there is more to motivate you to attain a happy life. 

Then the other thought is to abandon this hierarchy and resort to blind happiness. I found an article that realizes self-actualization but denies the rest of Maslow's classification of motivation. this existential writer reports "Maslow's hierarchy does not exist. Generally, the strength of total motivation rises throughout the adolescent years and peaks around ages 25-35. After that it is mostly downhill as the intensity of the desires decline. The physiological desires decline much more rapidly than do the psychological desires. Fear is the only desire that rises in later years, perhaps because of the fear of death." - Steven Riess, Ph.D. READ MORE

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I came across this quote the other day on the internet and it reminded me of this class.
"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." -Winston Churchill

Being optimistic is a key part of being motivated. Clearly, if someone is not optimistic about a situation, becoming motivated becomes nearly impossible. Although keeping an optimistic state of mind is not always easy but it is definitely beneficial. A pessimistic person would be less motivated than a person having a positive state of mind. Just being optimistic is a huge step in being successful and accomplishing goals. I always try to stay positive and optimistic, even in rough situations. In my opinion, being a pessimist is comparable to taking one step forward and two steps back. Churchill's quote is very true and helps me realize that hard work pays off and even difficult situations have their rewards.

Life without Fear ???

I was very excited to start writing my thoughts on this motivation factor; fear. Fear is what defines us as humans, is an emotion shared universally. It helps us escape dangerous things and it also helps us overcome our inner most fears through motivation. Fears come in a variety of ways; fear of animals, fear of failing, fear of death and so on. I personally see fear as the top reason why we survive or not; fear can overpower or it can empower an individual. Fear is also the cause of the common known disorder phobia. When asked: what do you fear the most to 9-13 year old Dutch children , the top answer was spider and the second was being kidnapped Fear to me, can be caused by undesirable experiences in the past which influences us throughout our lives. Personally, when I was a kid, I saw a snake and it terrified me to the point where it still scares me till this day. My one day experience with the snake was strong enough to develop a fear which has lasted for a long time. This fear has prevented me from going near bushes or rivers; and even the reptile section of a zoo. Fear also have its degree, a person with an extreme fear of catching an STD disease for example, may stop having sex altogether but a person with a mild fear of it, wears protective gear when performing the act. Fear can be an advantage and also a disadvantage. It can be a motivation factor in overcoming our fears and do better, in so doing you feel empowered or a disadvantage because it prevents the person from living their life. Fear also entitles to my favorite quote: practice make perfect, meaning not giving up due to fear of failure make a person succeed. Fear can motivate or discourage a person but in the end is what makes us human.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Humility by the Pack

Check out this article...
Baseball World U.S. N.Y. / Region Business Technology Science Health Sports

Joe Giza/Reuters
Rookie relief pitchers are being forced to wear schoolgirl backpacks to transport gear and snacks to the bullpen.

Published: August 31, 2011

The Phillies' Michael Schwimer carries a bright pink backpack.
But decades of hard work could be coming undone thanks to the smiling faces of Hannah Montana, Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty.

In this tradition-bound sport, in which managers wear the same uniforms as the players and Cracker Jack can still be bought at concession stands, a hazing ritual that has gone on for years seems to have reached a new level of absurdity at major league ballparks: rookie relievers are being forced to wear schoolgirl backpacks — gaudy in color, utterly unmanly — to transport gear.

“Everybody laughs at me,” said Bryan Shaw, a 23-year-old rookie reliever for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Before each game, he makes the long, painful walk to the bullpen toting a pink bag adorned with an image of a white unicorn. “They all yell, ‘Cute bag!’ ” he said.

The most junior reliever on each major league team is in charge of carrying the stash of snacks, drinks and pain medications from the clubhouse to the bullpen. For decades, an extra equipment sack or plastic shopping bag sufficed. But leave it to big leaguers to find new ways to torment their tenderfoots.

“It’s just one more way to get at your rookie,” said Mets pitcher Tim Byrdak, 37. “You have to walk all the way across the field to get to the bullpen, so you make the rookie carry this pink bag, and you can kind of humiliate him.”

Before a recent home game, Pedro Beato, 24, the Mets’ youngest reliever, was diligently stuffing a fuchsia Dora the Explorer backpack with chips, cookies and candy bars. When Jason Isringhausen, one of the team’s veterans, had gone shopping online to find a suitable bag for Beato, he knew exactly what he was looking for. “Something pink,” Isringhausen said.

The flamboyance of a floral pattern running down either side of the bag forms a striking juxtaposition with its wearer. “The first day I showed up, and it was just in my locker, I knew what I had to do,” said Beato, a 6-foot-4 right-hander with a vicious fastball. “It’s my duty.”

That duty, and that color scheme, extend across the league.

For much of this season, Michael Stutes of the Philadelphia Phillies was forced to wear a Hello Kitty backpack and a pink feather boa purchased by Brad Lidge, a 10-year veteran, during a road trip to San Francisco. “I thought it wasn’t right for Stutes to be carrying a plain black bag,” Lidge said. “I was in Macy’s shopping for my kids. I just knew we wanted something pink.”

Jonny Venters of the Atlanta Braves, meanwhile, toted an assortment of bags last season that recalled the TiVo recordings of an 8-year-old. First there was Hannah Montana. Then iCarly. By September, the team’s veterans added SpongeBob SquarePants and Cinderella.

“I heard stuff from fans on the road, you know, ‘Nice backpack, man!’ ” Venters said, laughing. “But, whatever. It’s a fun time.”

No one quite knows when the playful practice began. Trevor Hoffman, baseball’s career leader in saves, said that this type of rookie hazing did not occur when he reached the majors in 1993 and that he never noticed the bags in the proceeding decade.

“But now it seems like we’re seeing a ton of them everywhere,” Hoffman said. “I think it’s amusing for the fans to see. It’s kind of a way of pointing out who’s the low man on the totem pole.”

Major League Baseball for now has no issue with the bags, as long as they maintain a spirit of innocence, a league spokesman said.

Baseball’s famously nitpicky attention to dress was exposed last year when it briefly barred Joe Maddon, the manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, from wearing a team-branded hooded sweatshirt over his uniform top in the dugout.

For a sport that has seemed to resist any diversion from the sacraments of its rich history, then, this colorful rite is an unlikely trend.

Hoffman, who retired before the start of this season, said the bags were harmless. But other shenanigans, he said, could overstep the boundaries of baseball’s accepted manners. In 2007, for example, Hoffman and the other San Diego Padres relievers bought a motorized cooler for the rookie to ride to the bullpen. But it was stopped after one outing.

“We just thought it was too over the top,” Hoffman said. “We didn’t need to bring that much attention to ourselves.”

When Hoffman left the Padres before the 2009 season, the bullpen was left under the stewardship of Heath Bell. A long and fraught process to find the perfect bag soon followed.

“We did, like, a school bus driver, a crossing guard, a fisherman, a construction worker, and it just wasn’t good,” Bell said of the search in his first year as the team’s closer. “And then I came across Yoda.”

Bell encountered the backpack with the “Star Wars” theme while taking his children to Legoland in Carlsbad, Calif., and felt it was perfect for the team. The ensuing winning streak sealed the matter. Two other bags, one featuring R2-D2 and one a stormtrooper, have since made their debut with the Padres, and Bell said he had Chewbacca and C-3PO at home in reserve.

These days, before every game, Yoda is slung over the shoulders of Erik Hamren.

“It’s part of the gig,” Hamren, 25, said. “I’ve grown to love it.”

The nature of the game, meanwhile, means that this fluorescent pink wave will most likely endure for years.

“Guys are starting to move up that had it first done to them, so it seems like it’s starting to get passed on,” Hoffman said. “Guys that are carrying them now are going to want to make sure they get the chance to make someone else do it.”

Last month, for instance, Stutes was able to rid himself of the Hello Kitty and boa ensemble when the Phillies called up Michael Schwimer, 25, a 6-foot-8 right-hander.

“He was very happy to hand it over to me,” Schwimer said. “I’ll just wear it with pride.”

A version of this article appeared in print on September 1, 2011, on page B11 of the New York edition with the headline: Humility by the Pack.

My view on it:

A harmless way of hazing, I'm down with that! I read this artical and felt that girly backpacks is a fun way to motivate the "lower totempole" (as they called them) guys. One is probabley wondering how I view this as a motivator. If I was seen wearing something as femine and I were as mascaline as these guys are then I would have been inspired to play great de to being, "man enough" to rick this fashion I'd be man enough for anything.

As seen here the smallest things can keep the enjoyment ans task orinated aspects in playing a serious sport.