Monday, October 10, 2011

Romance with ADHD meds

There definitely has been a hype about adderall and its postive effects for students, writers, musicans, etc. I know plenty of people who have taken it/talk about taking it in order to cram for a test or write a great paper. In theory it sounds like a miracle worker. Like most people when studying I get distracted from other thoughts or other things going on. After a couple of hours I just need to give myself a break. But I think there is a reason for that and that's how a normal brain works. To be able to focus for a couple hours on something is somewhat draining and a small break is necessary, at least for me. No one studies for 20 hours straight without the help of a drug like adderall, which to me shows that its just not natural. For those who do take it, if taken in small amounts there aren't too many negative effects, however with all drugs you can become dependent on them just like Paul Erdos did. All in all, I do not look down upon those who use adderall to study, I just feel like it isn't for me. If I prepare early enough for an exam and study a lot in small intervals I will succeed just as much as if I took adderall and studied the night before.

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