Friday, October 7, 2011

The Adderall Me

After reading this article out loud to someone who was perscribed to Adderall for a while they thought it was crazy. They compared adderall to herion. In my opinion herion is a "tad" worse. Dose adderall have a psychologically they need it to focus, like herion users need herione to function? The great names that were listed in this article took benzedrine which has a diffrent chemical compound then adderall now a days.

As for the man who took it for a week it was interresting to see how it affected someone who wasn not perscribed.

To be honest I believe we all today have a spec of ADD or ADHD and a little adderall wouldn't hurt. Me personally, I'll pass, Im not one to ever depend on something for something else or a diffrent effect.

Another Study I found regarding ADD/ADHA & it's abuse:


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