Monday, October 10, 2011

My Romance with ADHD meds

In terms of speaking about the article “My romance with ADHD meds” was quite impressive. For this type of drug to be misused is not shocking at all. The way it’s advertised would make anyone want it. Who wouldn’t want to increase their mental and cognitive abilities? Especially, if you’re a college student who thinks that it helps you get through exams, tests, or even finals. But that’s just one side of the medication. What’s really not being emphasized is the fact that this medicine can be dangerous if it is not prescribed to you by a physician.

You know this medication is not joke when it made a man kill his infant daughter then got away with it. Personally, this medication has too many side effects as well as long term effects for me to want to take it. Although, I’m a college student, I would not take this no matter what! People don’t realize that you can become psychologically dependent on this drug. Just like the writer Jack Kerouac who ended up with thrombophlebitis which is a blood clot in the vein that causes inflammation. So, although this was a good article I would not even think twice about taking any type a drug. Here is a video that explains what adderall is and what it does. In addition, there are some views from other college students who would take this drug. This is a very informative video so take a look. There are too many other ways to get good grades without the help of adderall!! STUDY BUDDY or even STUDY GROUPS but not the Study Pill it’s just not worth it!!!!

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