Monday, October 10, 2011


While reading "My Romance with ADHD Meds", I was thinking about how much of a better student I could be if I could focus more, but motivation comes from within not by drugs. There are too many side effects and risks that I would be too afraid to take Adderall or any other drug. It is scary to think that a lot of college students take adderall to help them study and write papers. What if they became addicted and just couldn't stop taking the drug because they believed it made them more productive and they could not be productive without it? They could end up like the mathmatician Paul Erdos and become psychologically dependent. Also, Adderall does not make you smarter, all it does it help you stay awake, so why risk taking it. Drink coffee or an energy drink to keep you awake.
Motivation is all in your head. A person could work hard and be productive if they set their mind to it. Unless, you have a certain psychological disorder you can motivate yourself to do anything. Adderall and other ADHD medications are for people who really need it and they shouldn't be abused by the people who are prescribed it, let alone the people who aren't.

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  1. ME too! I have such a problem with focussing my attention on the task at hand, before i just wrote my last blog post i got distracted on youtube watching puppy videos, hows that for procrastination!