Monday, October 3, 2011

A Maslow Argument.

The psychological needs, stated by Maslow have been in the back of my mind since I was taught them 3 years ago. The bottom tier is the most obvious, but as it increases in tiers, one can see that there is more to motivate you to attain a happy life. 

Then the other thought is to abandon this hierarchy and resort to blind happiness. I found an article that realizes self-actualization but denies the rest of Maslow's classification of motivation. this existential writer reports "Maslow's hierarchy does not exist. Generally, the strength of total motivation rises throughout the adolescent years and peaks around ages 25-35. After that it is mostly downhill as the intensity of the desires decline. The physiological desires decline much more rapidly than do the psychological desires. Fear is the only desire that rises in later years, perhaps because of the fear of death." - Steven Riess, Ph.D. READ MORE


  1. I agree that the tier of needs is something that is constantly in the back of your head. Sometimes I feel that we put too much emphasis on principles such as this; I know there has been times where I feel that something at the top of the tier is most important, whereas the top of the tier should be least important. We should base happiness from moment-to-moment, not a "normal" diagram.