Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Adderall Me.

I just could not take the article "The Adderall Me: My romance with ADHD meds" seriously. Joshua Foer, the author or the article, discusses his experience with the drug Adderall that he took for one week. For the majority of the article Foer talks about the positive side effects of Adderall. One of the problems that I have with this article is that Foer only took Adderall for a week. I don't think that anyone can get the full grasp of the effects of a drug after only a week. Television commercials for depression medicines typically state that it can take two weeks or more for the individual to feel any reaction to the medicine. The effects, such as increased focus, determination and productivity, of Adderall sound amazing but at what risk. Like Foer mentioned in the article your body will crash after taking Adderall. Is the drug worth it after what your body goes though after consuming it? In my honest opinion Adderall to cram for college or any other task is the easy way out. I do not see a problem with someone taking Adderall to focus or be productive in life if it is truly needed. One can still be determine and focused on school or work without taking a drug. I feel that our society is too willing to diagnose people with illnesses and hand out medication like candy. I don't feel that people should be taking Adderall unless they seriously have ADHD. The general population should not feel that they need to take Adderall or any drug to be successful.


  1. I agree with everything you mentioned in your post. We are very quick to medicate people, hoping that it is a "quick fix." Also, I agree that the author's week-long experience was not long enough to see the full effects.

  2. I agree. No one should feel like they need a drug to be successful. I'm sure many college students feel that way because in order to cram for a test or paper they need the drug. In reality it is a easy way out and if they didn't procrastinate and prepared earlier I'm sure they would be successful.