Sunday, October 9, 2011


After reading this, in a way I wish I could take Adderall to help me cram for test & study better. However, I dont think I would be able to handle the "crash" of your body after it went into over drive. An issue with people taking this drug just for fun, will ruin it for the people who really do need this drug to help them with ADHD or even ADD. Next thing you know, it will be sold on the street at the corner where cocaine and heroin are. Or it could be the next NyQuil kick here you need ID just to cough medicine cause kids think its cool to get high from it; really. People need to watch out when they take this for fun too. I mean, kids these days experiement with this crap and take it with other drugs and liquor to make the high better. Though you never hear that people die from this; at least I havent heard, but Im sure students think they are superman and can take this and then an hour laer smoke pot or take a few shots. Taking this to make your body at a abnormal high will probably have consequences in the long run.

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