Monday, October 10, 2011

My Romance with ADHD Meds

After reading this article, I have formed several opinions on the types of drugs that were discussed. To begin, I personally have never taken any of these types of drugs, although I have been offered them before and I have had friends in the past that have used them and still swear by them today, but only if it is a massive assignment that needs to get done. For example, one of my roommates during my freshman year had to write a 25 page paper for one of his classes, it was due the next day, and he failed to even start it; the night before it was due, he took Adderall and finished the entire paper that night (and received an A on it).

Now back to the opinions, first off I’ll be honest with you that when it comes to pills in general I tend to stay away from them completely, call it neurotic or whatever you like. I just hear so many stories of how people get hooked on them and how they suffer through inconvenient side effects or go through the rigors of withdrawal, no thanks (even though the author claims that you cannot become addicted to Adderall). Another opinion I share is how productive you can be on these supposed “magic pills”, to me it’s all a mental thing. I think if an individual is motivated enough and possesses the necessary drive, they can be as productive as they desire, given any day. I consider myself to be a fairly productive person, I tend to do pretty well academically (even though I’m a last minute person), I have a social life that I have no complaints about, and I’m a pretty decent athlete; so as far as I am concerned I do not need a pill to enhance any of my life’s aspects.

I will say this though, I do find it hard to function, at least in an academic sense, without coffee. So what I suppose it is a vice of mine, sue me, we all have one vice or another. Sure you’ll experience a little crash here and there, but I swear by coffee and as far as I’m concerned, I’ll take that over some little pill that could lead to psychosis any day, call me crazy if you like.

...ok, maybe this guy could seriously use a pill, or something

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