Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To take Adderall or not to take Adderall?

While reading this article, I was definitely thinking about how the use of Adderall might become a real problem among individuals of all ages. Sure, on paper, it sounds great! An increased focus, the ability to perform certain physical feats, the lack of distractions, who would not want to take this drug? As with all things that have many positive aspects, there are some severe downfalls that make this drug flat-out dangerous, and I feel that one should not take it unless prescribed by a doctor; the potential risks outweigh the benefits, and in the end, is it really worth it? Imagine if the younger generation became hooked and the consequences reared its ugly head-- what kind of problems would that create? In the end, there are many other ways to help concentrate if that is the main problem; one could exercise and change his or her diet, for this would help big-time. Pills are not the answer for the average Joe feeling sluggish on a Tuesday morning, and I believe that if one puts their mind to it, proper steps can be taken to feel better and lead a better, healthier life--the legal way!

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