Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Romance with ADHD meds

In terms of speaking about Motivation, this article “My Romance with ADHD meds” says it all. It was hard to believe that Benzedrine which was similar to Adderall was an over the counter drug that was utilized to treat a nasal congestion. The most intriguing detail about this article was the fact that before the FDA made it prescription only in 1959; Jack Kerouac took this medication at his leisure and increased his ability in his writing as well as thinking. The power of this medication today is just the same, however, many people are taking it for granted.

This medicine is being utilized improperly by many people. Some high school students as well as college students are using this to get high and to study from. This medication is in such high demand that students are paying large amounts of money just to have it. Below is a video that explains that nature of this particular drug and how it is being utilized today as far as college students are concerned.

The one memorable moment I had with this type of drug was when I worked as a bus driver. The teachers of these students on these particular medications would wait until I pulled up with the bus and checked their book bags and if they did not have their medication they would put them back on the bus for me to take them home. These kids were just six and seven years of age and the medication didn’t do anything but make them like zombies. They would sit in class drugged up and not move. I just thought this was crazy that these teachers would insist upon these kids being drugged up before entering their classes.

After reading this article, the thought of taking this to increase my cognitive skills ran across my mind as well. However, the side effects made me think twice. There are too many side effects to this medication along with being careful of not taking this medication with certain other meds could be extremely dangerous.

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