Thursday, October 6, 2011

I don't need no speed

YES! I'll admit it, I've used adderall to cram for tests and its has definitely worked and I was very focused on my study material and driven to get an A on that upcoming examination.  HOWEVER!  The use of this prescription drug for such reasons is not only an inappropriate use of this stimulant, it is also a very dangerous substance for your body if not used correctly.  If you are using such tactics to study for your exams, you must re-evaluate your desire to get further educated.  I've found this to be very true.  Using any sort of drug is a way to subdue or mask unwanted feelings or desires.  When you put off studying or procrastinate on your work and it all pushes up to a deadline, you use this substance, Adderall, to focus your attention on the single task at hand and mask the fact that because you are indifferent to this material you'd rather be playing xbox or getting stoned (which of course is another motivational paradox that I'd love to touch on at a further moment), to make the time fly past your awareness and let the chapters of meaningless jargon seep into your recent memory and vomit it back onto a test in the morning in which you will soon forget all of the subject matter.  YOU NEED TO FIND THE MOTIVATION IN YOURSELF, not in that pill to study and take these exams and truly become educated.  You don't need to get the A, hell you don't even need to get the B, but learn something from these classes you are paying thousands of dollars for.  Listen to your teachers lecture, absorb and make connections with the material and allow yourself to pick up and utilize these tools that are being given to you.  Find motivation in being confident in your success when you finish school, find motivation in surprising yourself, find motivation in making people proud or at least find motivation in rubbing that A in your friends face who thinks he's a smarty pants.  I've delved into the depths of coasting through school and I know how easy it is, BUT IT'S A WASTE.  It's a waste of your time, the teacher's time, and of stress and late nights.

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