Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Use of Aderol

This article speaks about the uses of aderol, and what the author experiences after the use of this drug.  Right off the bat I see a problem with the expertice of the author about this topic because he admits that he only used said drug for a very short period of time, thus not exposing him to some of the long term side effects that can accompany this drug.  Drugs such as heroin has very little negative side effects after lets say one use, but after long term use there are very few if even any positive effects.  So in the short term or in sparing use it looks like aderol has nothing but positive uses, and that may be true, but the way this infomation is presented I find a lot of problems because this drug can have negative side effects that are never even addressed by this author, so all in all I don't find much stock in what he says about the positive effects of this drug. 
K. VanNess

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