Monday, October 10, 2011

My romance with ADHD meds.

Ironically this situation has come up in my life recently, the decision of whether to take Adderall or not. I babysit for a doctor who was going to set up an appointment for me because of the symptoms I complain about when it comes to reading things. After reading this article it makes me glad that I did not schedule and appointment for this. The idea of Adderall seems like a great idea, I mean who does not want to succeed academically? Although I may be distracted easily I am sure that just about everybody could say the same about themselves when it comes to school work. Everybody has their own distractions because everybody has more than one thing on their mind. If this drug did not have the dangerous side effects it would just be too good to be true, life would be too easy, and everybody would take this drug. Sitting down and reading over a hundred pages without any distractions sounds like an amazing idea, but people need to decide is it really worth the side effects? Many students including myself can probably admit that they can't finish an assignment without checking their social networking sites, email, or any website. Being online while attempting work could lead to hours of procrastination. Keeping in mind the side effects you would think people would be turned off by this drug. However, this idea does not threaten most people because they think short term and how much easier it will make their life in that moment. I am not against Adderall people are always going to do what they want, they just need to realize they have a potential to get side effect from this drug.

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