Monday, October 10, 2011

The Adderall Me

As i was reading this, I thought about how great it would be to take some Adderall with all the work I have coming up, but I don't think I could personally ever do it. You always hear about people who do take it, or people who have ADHD and should be taking it selling it to others who need to it write a paper. Its a pretty easy drug to get on a college campus. This 'crash' that your body feels afterwards is not something I would want to experience. Although the article stated that it is not highly addictive, it is still a drug so there is always that chance you could become addicted. Since this is a motivation class, I do not think you can be fully motivated if you are taking this drug. You may be more concentrated and willing to do work, as it says in the article "I feel less like myself." I feel like this is somewhat like cheating, since you aren't yourself when you take it. Regardless, it was way overused, especially in a college setting, and doesn't really seem to be this kind of 'miracle' drug that everyone think it is.


  1. I agree that taking Adderall is somewhat like cheating. College students should not feel that they need Adderall or any drug for that matter to get good grades or succeed in life. While the drug does have seem positive results I feel that the side effects outweigh the benefits. One can get good grades in college and balance all their school work and other responsibilities without taking a drug.

  2. I definitely agree that you aren't really motivated if you are taking adderall to write a paper. And that it is also a way of cheating. Yes, it might help you write a paper but no one should need to take a drug to do something they dont want to do.

  3. I agree with you. I definitely think this drug would help especially around finals time but the crash that occurs after taking this isn't something that i would want to experience.