Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The ADHD Da Vinci Code

I really didn't take this article seriously. I was more frustrated with the author for saying all these claims and only took it for one week. I believe he was motivated by monetary reasons from a pharmaceutical company.  A new movement must of started in hollywood for failed artists like maroon five because the lead singer has a new campaign.  This campaign encourages the veiwer to go to your doctor and get an assessment to see if one has A.D.D or A.D.H.D. I believe that one could see it as an endorsement for prescription amphetamines.

Guess what? Shire Pharmaceuticals is the owner of this video. Also! The website www.ownyourADHD.com is an 'Everyday Health' website.  Everyday Health is partners with a bunch of pharmesutical outlets.  CONSPIRACY or GOOD MARKETING?


  1. Thanks for the video, it's appalling to me that the drug company would use the maroon five lead singer to promote their drug. He states noticed while producing first CD, he noticed a problem.. How did he get to that point if he just noticed the concentration problem? Children with problems should be evaluated but is it really necessary for adults?