Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life without Fear ???

I was very excited to start writing my thoughts on this motivation factor; fear. Fear is what defines us as humans, is an emotion shared universally. It helps us escape dangerous things and it also helps us overcome our inner most fears through motivation. Fears come in a variety of ways; fear of animals, fear of failing, fear of death and so on. I personally see fear as the top reason why we survive or not; fear can overpower or it can empower an individual. Fear is also the cause of the common known disorder phobia. When asked: what do you fear the most to 9-13 year old Dutch children , the top answer was spider and the second was being kidnapped Fear to me, can be caused by undesirable experiences in the past which influences us throughout our lives. Personally, when I was a kid, I saw a snake and it terrified me to the point where it still scares me till this day. My one day experience with the snake was strong enough to develop a fear which has lasted for a long time. This fear has prevented me from going near bushes or rivers; and even the reptile section of a zoo. Fear also have its degree, a person with an extreme fear of catching an STD disease for example, may stop having sex altogether but a person with a mild fear of it, wears protective gear when performing the act. Fear can be an advantage and also a disadvantage. It can be a motivation factor in overcoming our fears and do better, in so doing you feel empowered or a disadvantage because it prevents the person from living their life. Fear also entitles to my favorite quote: practice make perfect, meaning not giving up due to fear of failure make a person succeed. Fear can motivate or discourage a person but in the end is what makes us human.