Thursday, October 6, 2011

Change of Speed; Mom's New Fix

In congruence with the article, adderall has been constantly present throughout the past few years of college. I say few because I'm not exactly sure how long, but upon my enrollment into Stockton, I've seemed to become more aware of it's use. There's not a whole lot one can say about adderall that's not already been mentioned. Me personally have never taken the drug to enhance my studies in school, although I have many former roommates that were definitely 'in love' with the effects and benefits come mid semester and finals week. It's known to help one focus and stay on task, mostly during an all-nighter writing papers. The article didn't quite lure my interests from the 'advantages' from taking adderall because it simply states like many marijuana supporters, that in moderation and with low doses, it produces little to no long term health issues.

So as a college undergrad or someone who's just had a rough week and needs a boost to knock out the 12 page paper that's been due for 2 months in 12 hours, adderall seems like an intelligent solution. For myself, if my time is not scheduled well enough to complete my assignments in a secure, anxiety penalty free manner, then I deserve the grade that follows. I don't agree with using drugs to enhance my ability to do the things I'm well capable of handling on my own. But that's just me, and judging from this article, adderall will remain a college love affair that continues to go unaddressed.

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  1. I feel the same way... I've thought every once and a while, wow that would be nice to be able to stay up and knock out some of my assignments & papers, but its almost like i'd have to give the credit of my grade to adderall, not me. I'd rather do it myself, and know that I am getting the grade I deserve, and if I can't make time for those assignments then perhaps I deserve the grade I get.