Monday, October 10, 2011

The Adderall Me

This article about adderall was really poor not informative, I could probably even say I gained no knowledge from reading it. It basically stated a bunch of known people and authors who supported and used certain amphetamines. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but who cares? There are a ton of college students and/or regular working people worldwide that take adderall for recreational use on a daily basis. And it is not comsumed in the form of a pill either. Snorting and injecting are both faster ways to reach what the user is looking for. This article does not mention anything about the cons, or negative effects, that these types of drugs have. For example, nothing was said about how the central nervous system can be affected or any other possible health problems. In my opinion, it really did not give you any useful information. Personaloy, I have tried it in pill form and i do not think it had much of an effect on me. So, I can understand why people some people abuse it but I can also understand why people do not like it. With that being said, I believe adderall or amphetamines have different effects on each individual person. But,f it does not concern me, and "to each their own".

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