Monday, October 10, 2011


For years, there has always been this hype about adderall, whether it's good or bad. Although most articles, including this one, do mention the side effects of adderall, I feel like they are almost advocates of the drug. The positives appear to outweigh the negatives. I'm sure everybody knows somebody (close or distant) who has taken adderall; I sure do. A lot of kids take it in high school as experiments, and the ones I know who took it fell in love with the way they felt on it. Even if they didn't accomplish anything productive, the feeling is what they crave. It's definitely important to note that if taken correctly the drug probably won't become addictive, as noted in the article. I've personally considered taking it when needing to cram for a test or write a paper. I never have though, because I know that taking it messes with chemicals in the brain which in the long run can affect you negatively, and the risks haven't seemed to outweigh the benefits.

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