Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Romance with Adderall

When I first went away to college I was seventeen and ready to be on my own. I chose the farthest school from home that I got accepted to and I was eager to start my college career. Many years and three schools later here I am. Those days seem like forever ago. I am bringing this up because during my freshman year of school Adderall was a way of survival. Everyone I knew, including me, used Adderall to get through the semester. My roommate and I would spend the entire night awake working diligently on papers and projects that were due the next day. The next day would be spent in a crashing haze that would eventually be slept off, but as long as the assignment was complete Adderall had done its job. These days the thought of leaving an assignment for the last minute completely worries me. I have post it notes with to do lists covering my desk and I need to start assignments in advance or I will dwell on the fact that I have so much to do and so little time.

I enjoyed reading this article and learning about how Adderall affects other people. I liked the fact I was able to relate to the author and I feel he does a good job describing how it works. I also appreciate the fact he brings up the risks. As a seventeen year old I did not think of the risks that can happen from taking a non prescribed drug and now I think it's kinda crazy that I used it without thinking. I relate this article with motivation because of the motivation needed to sit down and write a paper, or in the author's case an article - just for example. Students are motivated to write papers to result in getting good grades so they can graduate and get a job. But the initial act of sitting down at a computer is much harder then expected. On Adderall, the author explained, "When I tried writing on the drug, it was like I had a choir of angels sitting on my shoulders. I became almost mechanical in my ability to pump out sentences. The part of my brain that makes me curious about whether I have new e-mails in my inbox apparently shut down." During the span of just writing this blog I have checked my email, my facebook, and made a phone call. Sometimes it really would be helpful to have the part of my brain thinking about e-mails to shut down so I can focus on one thing at a time. But I have come this far without it and now writing a paper is consistent with a routine of checking email, facebook, getting a snack, making a phone call and other activities that allow you to step back from your main focus. So now, motivation to graduate is my new Adderall.

Source - The Adderall Me by Joshua Foer

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