Monday, October 10, 2011


In the beginning of the article , i thought to myself : i could use Adderall myself. I mean if this drug can help me stay up longer and am able to finish my work; then why not. As a college student , i need all the extra energy i can get. Not only will this make me complete all my assignments, it can also improve my overall grade. This was my initial feelings about this drug , i didnt think about the kind of side effects if might have after i take it or the long term effects . The only thing i thought about was the advantages of being able to pass a class without much effort really. At the end of the article and also reading the comment posted by some readers , i began to re think my new love for the drug. All the side effects that came with it was unbelievable , it can even cause you to murder someone if is to the extreme addiction side. At the end , my thoughts of the drug is, if it wasnt addictive i would with no doubt try it and see what happens. I see Adderall as the magic drug for all college students but is it really worth the many side effects and its addiction ?? . Personally, i think not i would rather go through school with all the stress temporary than to be addicted to this drug for life. :)))

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