Monday, October 10, 2011

The Adderall Me

When I was reading this article it made me think about back when I was in second grade and the doctors and school I attended were diagnosing me with ADD. I honestly do not know how people can take Adderall just to take it so the can get all their school work done in one night. I also do not know how people can go to the doctors and get Adderall prescribed to the in one appointment. Looking back at the process of me getting diagnosed, i had several doctors appointment and tests ran on me, for example, my parents had to take me to Rowan University and I had to have an about two hour psychological test ran on me. The process was not that easy to get Adderall, and when I did finally get diagnosed with ADD and the doctor prescribed me to Adderall, I got very sick. I took it in the morning before school, could not eat all day because it upset my stomach and took my appetite away, and when I finally got home from school I was so tired but could not sleep.
But then again, that was all done that was all done about fifteen years ago, so I know times have changed and it might be easier to get Adderall, especially with how much ADD and ADHD is over diagnosed these days.

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