Monday, October 10, 2011

The Adderall Me

This article was very interesting. It is amazing to me that this medication can help you concentrate, focus, and be productive. I could not believe how many things the author said he was able to do in one day when taking the medication. It seems like something that every college student would want. However, when reading the article, I noticed the author mentioned the side effects of feeling groggy the next day. My roommate last semester was prescribed adderall. I noticed when she took it she got all of her homework done and was able to study for hours. However, I remember her complaining about losing her appetite for two days at a time and barely being able to sleep. It is kind of scary that some people have trouble getting anything done if they don't take their adderall. It almost sounds addictive. So, like the author said there is a price to pay for having a very productive day. I suppose if there were no side effects everyone would be taking adderall.
I never heard much about adderall until living on campus at college. I hear a lot of students talking about adderall and their school work, especially around the time of finals. I never thought much of it until now. I never really knew what its effects and side effects were, except for hearing what my roommate complained about. It seems almost like a bit of a miracle drug.

Breanne Bryson


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  2. I agree! It is definitely frightening hearing about the negatives that accompany this drug when the positives seem so, well, positive.

  3. I agree with everything you have said. This drug does seem like a miracle drug except there are many things I think people do not understand and take into consideration before taking this drug. I also agree that as amazing as it would be to do work in one sitting, it is not normal or healthy to cram work into one day.