Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An interesting prospect

This article was very intriguing. As college students I think we can all connect with this article. Living the college lifestyle, I think we can all say if we wanted too, we could find a way to get some Adderall for a big test or when a term paper is due. The drug is so common and so effective, it can be hard to resist. What makes it worse, is that we know that there aren't many negative affects of lighting using the drug. This world we live in is so crazy and so rushed that Adderall seems like a dream come true. With all of the distractions around us, it would be an easy fix to get all of our work done. So it would make sense that people who live extremely busy lives would use the drug to help make life a little bit easier.

So what is the harm? In the article, the author mentions that many famous authors and writers have taken some help from Adderall. If someone can use it to boost their career, why can't a college student use it during midterms or finals. If the effects are not severe and there really aren't any long lasting negative effects, why doesn't someone jump on the opportunity? Think about it. If the government loosened regulations and sold Adderall in low dosages, they could make a fortune. What college student, busy parent, or overloaded business man wouldn't pay some cash for a little mental stimulation? The article states that doctors have not found harmful effects and occasional usage is probably harmless. Like everything else in this world, most things are fine in moderation. This could be a great tool for all types of people to make their lives a little easier. And anything this marketable will definitely make a large profit for someone smart enough to monopolize on it.

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